DAY:8 Anger is the worst advisor – an Erasmus+ project

Going back home. I felt much better after a good night’s sleep, so I managed to wake up a couple minutes sooner and get some stretching before breakfast. For breakfast, there were little sausages, so I got two. Also, I had coffee and a bun with butter and jam. Interesting combination, however I enjoyed the last chance of breakfast to the fullest.

I packed my things, said bye to the Czech team, wrote, was about to do my Spanish Duolingo as well and visit the delicatessen store to buy something to take home. Most people had already left, but my train was leaving at 12:30 from Bogumilowice. Plenty of time till then.

I managed to have a good chat with Viki, who also seemed to want to chat with me before we leave. We talked about past relationships, studies and so on. Cyril joined us towards the end. Together, we helped to bring some leftover dishes from the common room to the kitchen in order for them to be washed.

A few moments later I was taking my things and going down the staircase. On the way, I met Mohammed, Omar and Bianka.

As I was treading in the melting, but still pretty deep snow in the direction Bogumilowice train station, an Audi stopped by and offered me a ride! Never step into stranger’s car! They said. However, this Audi belonged to Michal from Poland. So I shortened my journey a little.

On the train station, I met Daenes and one other guy from Hungary who edits pretty good videos in DaVinci on a Mac. We shared the almost one-hour long journey to Krakow Glowny. The other guy was very talkative, which I was not in a mood for, so I nodded in the beginning and then concentrated on my phone.

We split shortly after arriving as the guy (God, I wish I wasn’t so forgetful about other people’s names – there it is – Parvis was his name and he come from Bangladesh!) wanted to go for Kebab. I was in the mood for soup, so I opted for one of the soup-serving bistros on the train station.

Krakow Glowny is a huge station with an underground shopping passage and a two-storey bus station. What is more, the underground connects straight to a whole shopping mall. Maybe because it was the start of the Christmas season, the stores were full of people and therefore the merchant’s incomes had to be crazy-high.

Although I was pretty tired and also had been feeling a little sick since two days ago, I still had an hour to spend so I went outside and explored the city. First, I discovered an opera building from 2008 by the architect Romuald Loegler. I did not very much like it, however it was one of the little points of interest around. The second was the Church of the Holy Cross. As I was already heading to the station, I did not get enough time to get closer, however it very much reminded me of the so called ,,Red Church’’ or the Protestant church from Heinrich von Ferstel, built in 1863 in Brno.

In search for my bus station, I had to come to the uppper storey to G14. 15:10 passed and there was none arriving. In the near Flixbus office, I asked an employee what was going on. Answer was that the bus had a one-hour delay. What the hell. So I had another hour to spend, this time I chose to do so inside in the waiting room.

Around 16:00, the bus finally arrived without being shown on the board. I sat down on my 7B seat, plugged the charger in the power outlet and started journaling.


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