DAY:7 Anger is the worst advisor – an Erasmus+ project

Tomorrow, we’re departing. We discussed each part of the programme in groups and gave a point value to the ideas and performances. I personally liked video creation the most, as well as paintball.

In the evening, the main organiser, let’s call him Mateusz, finally came out of the dark. It was the first time he has appeared during the whole programme, although he was in charge of the whole thing.

His job was to reimburse our travel costs, which he did. At the same time, he has done some shady business with the Slovaks, who got a bottle of Jack Daniels in return. Also, he made us sign a paper that we travelled by car. He argued the reason is we came outside the scheduled time, which is true (on the first day, I arrived later than 10:00). However, I feel like there was something else behind it. He probably raises more money for car travel.

Is this the real Berlin?

In the evening, we had an activity which is very similiar to what I experienced on the very first Mathias Lerch Gymnasium adaptation course in 2015. That is we each created an envelope from paper and tape and were then able to write notes to other. I wrote to around eight other people.

For dinner, we had traditional Polish pierogi with, as usual, plates of cheese, ham and vegetables and bowls of salad.

In the very evening, Polish national evening was supposed to be held, however for some reason the show started with Ukrainan videos and kahoot. I was not that bad at it, however did not hold up to the podium. In the later kahoot, I missed the time for joining and therefore did not participate, which was sad because I would have done very well. It was a sign that I should go to sleep, I still felt a little off. So I went.


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