DAY:4 Anger is the worst advisor – an Erasmus+ project

Finally, after breakfast, we gathered together and got into a bus heading to the paintball venue. The journey took around thirty minutes. We stopped near a forest, changed into paintball gear and started playing while treading in the deep snow.

The first game was held in the style of team deathmatch. Our team had a red stripe over the shoulder. I shot out the bullets very soon, not knowing how long one stack will last. The second game went much smoother – capture the flag. I was able to shoot around four enemies and our team won.

After getting back home and having lunch, we gathered for the Oxford debate. My team’s goal was to defend the opinion that multiculturalism is dangerous. It was tough as mostly we were of the opposite worldview. Although we came up with arguments about economical, cultural and religious dangers such as hindered social cohesion, problems with communication and so on, it was not enough to persuade the audience.

What followed? Outdoor barbecue in a shelter in front of the cultural centre. In a group of three, we set up the fire and watched over it. In the meantime, I had a chat with Ivan from Bulgaria about our lives, where we found quite a few similarities.

We ate pork, vegetables and špekáčky (Czech special sausages roasted on an open fire), chatted together with the Czechs and later went back inside, as the temperature was getting low and we were cold.

The day finished with a Hungarian night – we watched funny videos about the country, played Kahoot, where I ended up on the fourth place, just under the winner’s tier. We also learned to dance Csárdás.


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