DAY:1 Anger is the worst advisor – an Erasmus+ project

After breakfast, which was in a style of an open-buffet, we headed again to the main room and spent the whole morning with other getting-to-know-each-other activities.

One of them, for example, looked like this: We set up chairs across the common room randomly. As everyone got seated, one of them was left unoccupied and at the same time, one person was left standing. The goal of that person was simple, to sit down and the of others was to occupy his/her chosen chair sooner than he/she was able to sit on it.

Among the other excercises was shooting. Only pretended, of course. All participants stood in an enclosed circle. When the main organiser picked someone, he had to squat down, the two people next to him were supposed ti shoot each other. Who shot the first while pronouncing a correct name of the opponent, won.

Even though we were to supposed to upload all our transport tickets to Google drive before arrival, as well as to fill a sheet with detailed information including pricing, still the organisers insisted we transfer the information once more. Almost the whole afternoon was spent merging PDFf, rewriting the info to a different file (Google doc this time), so we could later get our costs reimbursed. What a waste of time. On the other hand, at least we initiated cooperation withing the Czech team and got to know each other better.

In the meantime, we gathered to discuss the details of our Czech evening, which was about to be held on day one.

The programme was as follows: First, a funny video giving insight into our culture and its problems was played by Michal, then we danced Polka to Vysoký jalovec, and last but not least, we offered a buffet consisting of three flavours of Studentská pečeť, two sorts of Lázeňské oplatky and two bottles of a special herbal liquor supposedly invented by our leader’s grandmother (read: vodka mixed with Hašlerky – a Czech herbal hard candy, which was left resting on a radiator the whole afternoon, blending together and creating an interesting mixture.) I did not taste it, but mostly, everyone seemed to have liked it.


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