10/6/23 Wonderful Pompeii

On this wonderful day, I made the decision to enjoy a relaxing morning at the accommodation due to feeling a bit tired. Meanwhile, Těša embarked on an exciting journey to Scavi, the original Roman settlement in Pompeii, which was, unfortunately, destroyed by volcanic activity. As for me, I took the opportunity to rest, perhaps indulging in some shopping, Netflix, and other leisurely activities. After a delightful lunch, I eventually decided to join the adventure, hopping on a train from Torre Annunziata to Scavi.

Upon arriving, I spent a few blissful hours exploring the historic site until around five in the evening when the weariness started to set in. Undeterred, I headed back home. The search for Těša in Pompeii turned into a bit of a comedic challenge due to poor signals, non-functional messenger location, and a misleading paper map marked with places where restaurants no longer stood—quite amusing, to be honest.

In the enchanting evening, I took it easy, prepared a delightful dinner, and then welcomed Těša. Together, we ventured into the nightlife of Pompeii, hoping to discover a vibrant spot with English-speaking individuals. As a little experiment, I had earlier downloaded Tinder, purely for the fun of it, but alas, no luck :D. Nevertheless, our exploration led us to a charming bar with live music, where the bartender, at the very least, conversed in German. English not so much, but that was okay.

We even encountered another group of lively young people, exchanging a few pleasant words before deciding to call it a night. The fatigue was real, but so were the wonderful memories of the day.


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